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young tiger kung fu & wushu school

Est-1991 | Founder & Chief Instructor- Ustad Mohammad Shakil Babul (Black in Red Belt) Kung Fu (Burma) Karate (Japan), Vice president Karate Do Mac Japan Bangladesh, Wushu member and National Judge and Coach Bangladesh Wushu Federation

Welcome to our Kung Fu School's official website. Here we teach many styles of Kung Fu including all animal style, drunken style etc. Our main course outline is only Kung Fu not Karate or other style. We beleive that Kung Fu is the origin of all martial arts.

What is Kung Fu?

Kung Fu is an ancient Chinese method of self-defense by striking blows at vulnerable areas of an attacker's body using fluid movements of the hands and legs.

Kung Fu is made up of two characters: the first, kung, can mean skillful work, hard training, or endeavor. The second, fu, means time spent. The two together mean time spent at skillful work or hard training. In no way does this term express Chinese martial arts, but because training in Chinese martial arts requires a lot of time and hard training, the term somehow began to be used to describe martial arts.

Wu Shu is probably the most correct term to associate with Chinese martial arts. Wu means war. Shu means art. So, wu shu means war art, or the art of war. This is appropriate since the study of traditional Chinese martial arts involves not only the skillful use of kicking and striking, but wrestling, grappling, weapons training, and strategy in combat.

young tiger kung fu and wushu school master shakil babul black in red belt ustad ostad martial art school
Master Mohammad Shakil Babul

young tiger kung fu and wushu school master shakil babul black in red belt ustad ostad martial art school
Training Time

Why do Kung Fu?

If you ever wanted to do an activity that is a lot of fun and helps you get fitter, stronger and gain more confidence, then Kung Fu is something for you. Kung Fu challenges you in ways like no other sport or gym work out could ever do and is something you can practise anywhere.

Is Kung Fu the Best Type of Martial Arts?

The reality is that there is no best type of martial arts. Rather, each type or style possesses its own unique strengths and weaknesses. It’s really about the style that suits what you’re looking to do and learn, rather than a global best kind. There are some things to consider when looking for the best fit of martial arts for you.

Some Styles

We don't teach Shaolin Kung Fu but we offer these kind of styles

Characteristics of Kung Fu

Kung fu is primarily a striking style of martial arts that utilizes kicks, blocks, and both open and closed hand strikes to defend against attackers. Depending on the style, kung fu practitioners may also possess knowledge of throws and joint locks. The art utilizes both hard (meeting force with force) and soft (using an aggressor's strength against them) techniques. Kung fu is widely known for its beautiful and flowing forms.

Basic Goals of Kung Fu

The basic goals of kung fu are to protect against opponents and disable them quickly with strikes. There is also a very philosophical side to the art, as it is strongly tied, depending on the style, to the Buddhist and/ or Taoist principles that were brought up with it.

Our Instructor


Ustad Mohammad Shakil Babul is the Founder & Chief Instructor of Young Tiger Kung Fu and Wushu School. He is a genious of Martial Arts. He is one of the greatest martial artists in Bangladesh. He engages with Martial Arts since 1981. He is a Black in Red Belt holder. He achieved degrees in Kung Fu from Burma and Karate from Japan. He is also the Vice president of Karate Do Mac Japan Bangladesh, Wushu member and National Judge and Coach Bangladesh Wushu Federation. He knows a lot of style of Martial Arts. He taught lots of students in his life.

Philosophy & Rules

It is our belief that only through hard work and diligent daily training will we keep ourselves and our style up to the true standard of traditional Martial Arts. It is not only the system, but primarily the individual who makes the system great.


  1. Never take advantage of woman, children, or others.
  2. Never commit a crime.
  3. Never behave conceitedly.
  4. Never teach another person without direct permission from Sifu.
  5. Never be involved with drugs, alcohol, or in causing trouble.
  6. Never hurt or maim another person.
  7. Never befriend a bad or evil person.
  8. Never disrespect or be rude to your seniors, even behind their backs.
  9. Never bully another person.
  10. Never brag or lie about your skill.
  11. Never forget your duties because of money.
  12. Never forget your righteous virtue because of temptation.
  13. Never laugh or talk loudly, make noise, or behave foolishly during class.
  14. Never form cliques within the school.
  15. Never tease another student or ridicule other people, schools, or systems of martial arts.
  16. Never ignore a problem if something happens in the school.
  17. Never make decisions for the school without discussing them with the school. These decisions include demonstrations and participating in tournaments.
  18. Never damage equipment or property of the school.
  19. Never teach another without Ustad's direct permission or practice techniques you have never been taught.
  20. Never come to class unless you come for kung fu.
  21. Always respect Ustad and his instructors.
  22. Always respect and help other students.
  23. Always study and practice kung fu seriously.
  24. Always respect and abide by the rules of the school and kung fu.
  25. Never misuse your skills on others or put yourself above them, as it only causes trouble. Practice kung fu to build a strong foundation for your body. Practice everyday and do not forsake its way.
  26. All of the above are rules that the founder wishes us to follow, so to disobey these is to go against his wishes.
  27. If you cannot abide by these rules, you may leave or if you break them then it is up to your Sifu’s discretion to assess your status within the school.



Admission Fee: 1500/- Tk.

Monthly Fee: 800/- Tk.

Class: One Day Only - Friday (Morning) - 7AM to 10AM


Admission Fee: 2000/- Tk.

Monthly Fee: 1200/- Tk.

Class: One Day Only - Friday (Afternoon) - 3PM to 6PM

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